Cultivating virtuous, self-reliant students with academic excellence through classical Christian education.

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Classical Liberal Arts

Every student will receive a rigorous training in math and science, literature and rhetoric, history and civics, theology and philosophy. Classical education centers on the Western tradition of the liberal arts, which cultivates virtue and trains the student to think freely with knowledge and wisdom.

Mechanical Arts

Students will not only think for themselves, but also know how to work with their hands and cultivate the natural world, like navigating with a compass, growing a beautiful garden, and fashioning a sturdy table. We equip students with knowledge of the body as well as the mind.

Fine Arts

Through the fine arts—including music, painting, poetry, sculpture, architecture, theater, and dance— students learn to express timeless truth and mold the world around them with beauty and goodness. By learning to create objects of beauty, they imitate their Creator and participate in His creation.

Who We Are

Bonner Classical Academy is a classical Christian school that will be opening in Sandpoint, Idaho, in fall 2023. We will start as an elementary school and add a grade every year until we’re K-12.

Our Mission

Bonner Classical Academy will equip the next generation of joyful men and women to love God and neighbor while laying the foundation for a life-long pursuit of goodness, truth, and beauty.

Ecumenical Christian Education

Christianity is at the heart of a classical education, and Christ is the center of all we do. As a non-sectarian, ecumenical Christian school, you will find people from many churches, but we come together to serve and glorify God through the work of education.

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Executive Director

I’m thrilled to work with enthusiastic local parents and the stellar board members of BCA to bring classical Christian education to the Sandpoint area. We’re building a school that invites students to find joy in learning, to know God’s love in their studies, and to flourish as whole human beings from Kindergarten to senior year. It’s an honor to lead this endeavor, and I can’t wait to meet our first students next year!

– Dr. Drexel

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